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RSL has been successful in winning two awards:

  1. SMART Achievement Award
  2. SMART Award

SMART Achievement Award

SMART Achievement Award
John Poole, Managing Director of RSL, receiving the SMART Achievement Award from Adam Hart-Davis, Historian and TV presenter.

Ten of Britian's brightest businesses that have benefited from DTI support to achieve real commercial success, were recgonised by Small Business Minister Nigel Griffiths on 25 November 2003 whern they became "SMART" Achievement Award winners. Refrigerant Solutions Ltd (RSL) had earlier (in 2000) won a "SMART" award to develop non ozone depleting Drop-in replacements for refrigerants which are non flammable, enery efficient, of low toxicity and compatable with traditional lubricants.

"We were pleasantly suprised and honoured to have won this award which we value highly. The SMART Award has enabled the company to change focus, survive, expand and become a global player in the market for the replacement of Ozone Depleting Substances. This technology has enabled us to punch above our weight in an international market", commented John Poole.

Adam Hart-Davis, the colourful historian and TV presenter who is well known for demonstrating the innovations of the past, presented the award at a special ceremony held at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum, near Telford.


SMART Achievement Award
John Poole receiving the SMART award from Sir John Harvey Jones, former chairman of ICI and well known industrialist.

RSL has been successful in winning a SMART grant from the government to support the development of the company's new non ozone depleting replacements for R12 and R22.

The commercialisation of these new alternatives to Ozone Depleting Substances is the result of several years of research and feasibility studies. RS-24, a non ozone depleting Drop-in replacement for R12, was launched successfully in the UK market in May 2000 and has been well received in the market place. Exports have been made to several European countries and the product will soon be introduced into Canada through RSL's sister company, Refrigerant Services Inc. Application is to be made to the US Environmental Protection Agency for a SNAP listing after which sales will be initiated in the US market.

As developing countries are faced with cut backs in their consumption of CFCs under the Montreal Protocol, RS-24 will be a prime candidate to replace R12 thereby helping to avoid the use of interim ozone depleting blends.

RS-44 is the company's latest invention to be announced which is a non ozone depleting Drop-in replacement for R22 in all applications where R22 is commonly used. RS-44 has a lower head pressure than R22 and a higher Coefficient of Performance resulting in reduced energy costs and a lower Total Equivalent Warming Impact. The properties of RS-44 provide the potential for this new refrigerant to have a wider range of applications than R22.