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R22 in Flooded Systems : RS-45 (R434A)

RS-45 (R434A) for Flooded Systems

  1. Unique and only replacement for R22 in flooded systems.
  2. All other R22 replacements unsuitable in flooded systems including MO99(R438A), R422D, R407C, R407A, R407F, R421A, R417A, R417C, R422B, R427A, R448A, R449A
  3. Low temperature glide of 1.5°C
  4. Capacity match for R22 at high and low temperatures.
  5. COP similar to R22.
  6. Much lower discharge temperature than R22.
  7. Field trials show RS-45 suitable to replace R22 in flooded systems and shell and tube evaporators.
  8. RS-45 successfully replaced R22 in flooded evaporators in UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Canada, USA.
  9. Performance enhanced by presence of economiser.
  10. Similar discharge pressure to R22.
  11. Compatible with materials commonly used in R22 systems.
  12. Compatible with mineral oil and POE lubricants.
  13. Similar compression ratio as R22.