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Zero ODP replacement for R22 in new and existing systems and compatible with all lubricants

RS-45 with its high cooling capacity compliments RS-44 (R424A), and is compatible with all types of lubricants. RS-45 replaces R22 in both refrigeration & air conditioning applications. With its low glide (one third of R407C), RS-45 can be used in a wide range of applications. RS-45 provides Original Equipment Manufacturers with an alternative to R407C but without the problems associated with a low glide.

RS-45 is compatible both with the traditional mineral and alkylbenzene oils, and also the new polyol ester lubricants. Consquently, R22 can be replaced by RS-45 in both new equipment & in retrofit situations offering considerable cost savings, where the cost of converting to alternatives such as R407C is either prohibitively expensive or technically unsatisfactory (or both).

Air Conditioning

Performance Characteristics

  • Suitable in OEM & retrofit applications
  • Close match for R22 in cooling capacity
  • Low temperature glide
  • Near azeotropic property widens application range
  • Compatible with MO, AB & POE lubricants
  • Effective in low & high temperature applications
  • Same compression ratio as R22
  • Application in systems with a variable expansion device
  • Considerably lower discharge temperature than R22
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Non flammable & low toxicity


Because RS-45 is a close match for R22 with similar cooling capacity, energy efficiency, pressures & low glide, it is suited for use in new equipment by Original Equipment Manufactures where it has significant advantages over R407C. RS-45 does not suffer from the inherent disadvantages of R407C & presents OEMs with a realistic alternative when deciding on a replacement for R22.

Owing to the fact that RS-45 is compatible with mineral & alkylbenzene lubricants, it is suitable for use as a Drop-in replacement for R22 in systems which contain an expansion device. In systems with a capillary tube or fixed orifice, RS-44 (R424A) is the preferred product.

Applications for RS-45 include but are not restricted to air conditioning, refrigerated transport, supermarkets, dairy chillers, cold stores, beer cellars, water chillers and others.