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iPhone app

RSL is pleased to offer an iOS application for the RS series of refrigerants. The app provides the following:

  • Pressure Temperature Calculator (and line graph)
  • Retrofit procedures
  • Variety of informative articles

Refrigerants Tab

The initial screen is the pressure temperature calculator. You can select a refrigerant by clicking on the arrows to the left and right of the refrigerant name at the top of the screen.

The units for temperature and pressure can be selected by touching the unit in question. A picker will appear at the bottom of the screen which will list the available choices. Pick one and the app will automatically adjust to that unit!

You can also move between vapour and liquid refrigerant states by the same method. You can also change between absolute pressure and gauge pressure by the same method.

Any changes you make to the units, refrigerant state, pressure state will be saved as the default for when you use the app next time.

You can view a graphical representation of the pressure temperature information by touching on the Line Graph button.



The RSL tab provides some information about the company.

RS Series Tab

The RS Series screen provides a list of the available RS Series of refrigerants. You can touch one to view more detailed information about that refrigerant. From there you can access the retrofit procedure instructions for that refrigerant.


Contact Us Tab

The Contact Us tab provides contact details if you are interested in the RS Series.